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function libraries, tools and services for Microsoft SQL Server


Assembly Manager

Total transparency & control
over assemblies in SQL Server

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  • 100% GUI-based management interface - all tasks can be accomplished with simple point & click operations
  • Fully client-based - there is nothing to install on the servers that are being managed
  • Full support for all CLR object types: scalar & table-valued functions, procedures, aggregates, types and triggers
  • Import & export assembly files between SQL servers and disk-based storage
  • Directly copy or move assemblies between databases on the same or different servers
  • Drag & drop or cut, copy & paste assemblies and their child objects between databases and to/from disk
  • Drop an assembly and all its child objects with one click - no need to remove them one by one
  • Choose which objects from an assembly are to be installed within SQL by clicking checkboxes
  • Give objects any name and any schema within SQL - they do not have to match the names in the assembly
  • Parameter defaults can be set for functions and stored procedures
  • Perform bulk schema changes over multiple assemblies and objects in one go
  • View all objects inside an assembly that can be used by SQL and their internal class and method names
  • Upgrade assemblies without having to drop them (so no need to drop dependent objects first)
  • Full support for CLR triggers: clone them for multiple targets and select multiple trigger events
  • Manage server & database settings needed for CLR operation (e.g. CLR ENABLED, TRUSTWORTHY etc.)
  • Auto-create asymmetric keys and logins for code authentication with EXTERNAL or UNSAFE assemblies
  • Full inter-assembly dependency checking - e.g. auto-add referenced assemblies; auto-drop dependent assemblies
  • Maintain & share libraries of assemblies that can be used to enable a cookie-cutter installation approach
  • Deferred execution: make multiple pending changes and see their effect before applying them live
  • Smart execution ordering for actions - avoids clashes e.g. by installing types before functions that use them
  • Save and  load change actions as predefined change sequences for later execution (e.g. by DBA).
  • For every action a rollback is automatically created: any sequence of changes can be rolled back in one go
  • Roll back action sequences can be saved to disk for later use if needed
  • Detailed error messages from SQL displayed when actions cannot complete (e.g. because of permissions)
  • Create, view & execute T-SQL change scripts with Assembly Manager or launch them in Management Studio
  • Add or remove associated files that can be used as resource files from within the assembly code
  • Login credentials for multiple servers can be securely cached for rapid start-up
  • 'Spoofs' Visual Studio so assemblies deployed with Assembly Manager can be deployed over using VS