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function libraries, tools and services for Microsoft SQL Server



The analytical capability of Excel with the
raw data-crunching power of SQL Server

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  • Accrued interest on bonds that pay interest periodically or at maturity 
  • Calculation of effective coupon days, days per period & days since last / before next coupon date  
  • Effective days between two dates, days in a year & year fraction for the given day count convention 
  • Calculation of price & yield for securities paying interest periodically or at maturity
  • Calculation of price, yield and discount rate for a discounted security  
  • Calculation of price & yield for a security with an odd first or last period  
  • Calculation of the interest rate & the amount payable at maturity for a fully-invested security   
  • Calculation of the Macaulay duration and the modified Macaulay duration for a security    
  • Support for coupon frequencies of 6 per year and 12 per year in addition to 1, 2 and 4 per year on securities.
  • Calculation of the price, yield and bond-equivalent yield for a US Treasury bill   
  • Depreciation using  declining, double-declining or variable declining balance methods 
  • Depreciation using straight line or sum-of-year's digits methods  
  • Depreciation for the French accounting system using depreciation coefficients   
  • Calculation of interest, principal and total payments on a loan for a given period or range of periods   
  • Calculation of nominal rate, effective annual rate & periodic rate of interest for a loan    
  • Calculation of future value, present value & net present value of an investment or loan     
  • Calculation of the number of periods required for a loan or investment to reach a specified value    ( 1 function)
  • Internal rate of return or modified internal rate of return for a series of regular or dated cashflows  
  • Conversion of dollar prices between fractions and decimal representations