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function libraries, tools and services for Microsoft SQL Server



Powerful functions for string, date
& time manipulation & more...

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  • Number sequence generator - returns an instant table of numbers of any length, start point & interval.
  • Date / time sequence generator - returns an instant table of dates/times of any length, start point & interval.
  • Random integer & float number generators that return new random values for each row in a query.
  • Random date, time & date/time generators for selecting a date/time at random between two bounds.
  • Working day calculations: count working days, nth working day etc. Adjustable weekends & holidays.
  • Relative date functions: start of month, end of month, nth Wednesday in the month and so forth.
  • Advanced date & time conversion, formatting, manipulation & arithmetic.
  • Parsing and formatting of numeric, currency & date/time string values using custom formats.      
  • Split delimited strings into rows, aggregate rows into delimited string, retrieve nth substring etc.
  • Text processing: pattern matching, substitution, searching, cleaning, formatting, comparison.
  • Full regular expression text processing (matching & substitution).
  • Relative column lookups (e.g. get value of column A at max value of column B).