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function libraries, tools and services for Microsoft SQL Server



Bespoke Assembly Development


Can't find what you're looking for? Let us build it for you...

SQL Server's Common Language Runtime (CLR) integration feature provides an highly efficient way to automate recurring data-processing tasks. CLR-based functions tend to be much faster than user-defined functions written as T-SQL scripts, and can implement more complex logic, yet provide the efficiency, simplicity and elegance of processing the data in-place rather than transporting it across the network into a separate application layer - and back again.

Our "off-the-peg" software solutions provide a comprehensive set of CLR-built functions and features, however should you have a need which they don't directly fulfil we can build and support a custom module to your exact specifications.

Surprisingly quick and inexpensive

Because we already have our own library of tested, re-usable code modules and expertise in building robust solutions around them - and because most CLR-based functions are relatively straightforward to specify and test - you may be surprised how quickly we can do this and how little it costs, yet the result will be a fully robust, fully tested, fully documented and fully supported solution that you can use with confidence in your most critical production systems.

Typical use cases

Especially good candidates for custom CLR-based solutions might have some or all of these characteristics:

  • The processing needs to be applied to each row of a table, view or query result.
  • The input and output data are stored on the database.
  • Processing is triggered from within the database, e.g. by a scheduled job or a stored procedure invoked by an external application.
  • There are lots of rows to process and performance is important.
  • The business logic can be written down but is complex to implement in a T-SQL stored procedure or function.

Typical examples might include:

  • Statistical or numerical analysis.
  • Data aggregation for business intelligence reporting.
  • Data cleansing & validation - e.g. of name and address data.
  • Applying business logic to set status flags, follow-up dates etc.

...but this is just scratching the surface - there are countless ways in which CLR-based solutions can be used .

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All we need is an outline description of the business logic (including any special cases / considerations) and the required inputs and outputs, and we'll get back to you with a quote and estimated time to complete within a maximum of two working days.


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