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Data Cleansing


Let us clean up your data...

When we first started using CLR integration for ourselves it was driven by a need to bring together, integrate and reconcile a huge volume of data from many different systems - in many different technologies - that had always existed separately and had had few standards or restrictions applied to the way data was entered or maintained (an all-too familiar story!).

The resulting mish-mash of inconsistent ways of recording data such as names and addresses, different levels of data granularity, critical fields left blank, a complete absence of unique record identifiers and so on required many months and the application of many different techniques to resolve. We needed to apply complex rules of inference, fuzzy matching and heuristics that required a detailed understanding of the business, historical and cultural contexts in order to make sensible judgements - but in the end we were able to make sense of and fully reconcile probably 99.9% of all the data we had, which was far beyond what anyone had thought possible.

The expertise, tools and techniques that we have developed since then have been used and refined many times over, and are now ready to be put into service resolving your data cleansing & matching needs.

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